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    Different Hosting Platforms to Suit Every Need!

    Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

    • Personal

      Perfect Hosting for Simple website

      $15 Month

      • 2 GB Storage
      • 5 GB Bandwith / Monthly
      • 15 Email Accounts
      • 1 Domain Hosted Support
    • Business

      Web hosting with rich Features

      $35 Month

      • 6 GB Storage
      • 50 GB Bandwith / Monthly
      • 25 Email Accounts
      • 2 Domain Hosted Support
    • Enterprise

      Our top hosting for anyone Expert

      $55 Month

      • 10 GB Storage
      • 110 GB Bandwith / Monthly
      • 40 Email Accounts
      • 4 Domain Hosted Support

    How are We different?

    It seems that we are continually being deceived about the answer to the question, What is the good life? Those who have things to sell are vying for our attention with a staccato beat that is seemingly endless. Usually the message is, “If you accept my product, you will find the good life.”

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    But most of us can remember how we dearly longed for a doll or a bicycle and earnestly believed that if we acquired that wonderful “thing,” we would be content and eternally grateful. What a blow to our philosophy when the luster disappeared soon after the acquisition! Then we usually said, “If only I could have this new thing—then I would be happy.”

    A Web Services Company That Stands by You

    Web Services specializes a Website development as well as While you are busy running your company, we can manage your website for you.

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    Total Secure

    Apply for the secure and multi-currency internet payment today from Total Web Solutions.

    Great Specs

    Sky Star is a set of tools that enable you to build Web Components as the spec you need.

    Fast Respond

    For Websites We want all websites and in particular news sites, magazines, blogs, and other media sites to easily reach their existing fans and grow.

    Handy Support

    Sky Star is use a publishing platform that makes it easy for anyone to publish online.

    Companies Who Trust Our Services

    “Dala is a 100% Saudi owned business focused on building a best-in-class procurement and supply chain services company with an emphasis on the energy and industrial sectors in Saudi Arabia.”

    “Professional Real Estate Projects Co., PRO, is a leading Saudi Arabian organization specialized in both commercial.”

    “Recab Technology for Trading and General Contracting – Retec – is  Saudi-owned enterprise 100%  focused on building the best standards in the contracting services”

    “At Golden Creativity, we consider our self while your transmission style associate. Somebody you can rely on, a transmission associate which in turn develops vibrant models, manufacturer technique as well as manufacturer transmission methods.”

    “Autochapeau will take care of all your car details and everything you need attention, exceptional service for your car,”

    “RCPA is a certified Public Accountants (License No. 429) provide their services at wider scope in the field of auditing,”